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Some more randomness

But slightly longer, this time. Hee.

Sounds like the title for a sociology paper or something. Sheesh. It was just something that I was pondering yesterday. Y'see, this weekend I spent large chunks of time both alone and active. Saturdays are usually spent on my own (until Susie's Game Night), since Eric works, but it's also the day of much sleeping, as well. Well, this Saturday there were errands to run and places to go and it ended up being easier to go sit someplace to eat lunch and then head straight Seattle-wards to pick up Eric, rather than go home for lunch. (Sidebar: This did mean going by Borders for reading material. If I'm eating alone, I'm reading, whether it be online or a book. It can not otherwise be.) I realized that it was one of the few times in my life that I've eaten out by myself and not felt the knot in my stomach that tells me I'm doing something "wrong" or "unsafe" or just plain uncomfortable. Sunday, I dropped Eric off at the game store for a four-player, six-hour game, and took myself to lunch and a movie. And again, these are things that seemed comfortable to me, even enjoyable (well, the movie was iffy, but that was more choice of film than circumstance - I think I've finally decided that I didn't like American Dreamz, but it took awhile). Looking back, three or four years ago such activities would have seemed impossible. Being alone in public was never my strong suit, and it always felt like my outings were determined by someone else (lack of car does that to one), leading to a sense of dependence.'s funny. The most independent I've felt in five years has been when in my most committed relationship. Funny, that. :)

Man, but it's freakin' warm in here today. Which is not helping the whole "wanna fall asleep can't fall asleep at work they frown on sleeping here" thing.

I've been kinda reluctant to mention this until now, because there was the possibility that it would fall through, but it looks like a production photo from my thesis production of Sergio Vodanovic's "The White Uniform" is going to be published in a textbook. So, like, my thesis is actually going on to help with the edumacating of people outside of Reed. It's SO FLIPPING COOL!!! It means that maybe, just maybe, something I did had a bit of worth (outside of just getting me graduated, which was a big honkin' deal for me, at least). *happy dance*

Crud! Breaktime's up.
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