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Way more than you ever wanted to know about my job! Yay!

I discovered something today, and for this discovery to make sense, let me 'splain...No, there is too much. Let me sum up. I basically spend most of the day statusing accounts (putting notes on the accounts about the bankruptcy now being dismissed, the dismissal being vacated, etc etc etc). I then print out the document that tells me what I've statused, and I print out a barcode to go on the document. The barcodes have a series of letters and numbers under the actual barcode (as they are wont to have).

Got it? Eh, not that it matters. Anywho, I print out between 150 and 300 of those barcodes every day. I then put them on the documents (they're stickers, y'see). Now, I knew before that one clump of the numbers in the barcode was the account ID - the ID number for a specific account belonging to a specific debtor. What I discovered today was that the last three digits/letters of the barcode told me what kind it was - a dismissal, a conversion, or "documentation" - basically, everything else.

WELL. That makes my job a bit easier - it's another way to double-check that I'm putting the right barcode on the right document! And that I printed out the right barcode! Huzzah! Then I realized something. I couldn't tell if it was more pathetic that a)it had taken me four months of doing this to notice this, or b) that I was most likely the only one on my team who had.

So, what do you think? Detail-oriented? Anal? Or endearingly quirky?
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