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Woke up feeling particularly congested - this has been going on off and on for a few weeks now, and the congestion gets worse while I'm at work. Conclusion: Am allergic to work.

Currently feeling like crud, with the aches and the feeling-really-warm-but-not-sweating feeling that comes with a fever. Fabulous. Promised Eric that, if things don't shape up by next week, I'd go to the doctor (with regards to other...issues, but we'll add this to the list). Conclusion: Fighting something, but I can still focus, so I'm staying at work.

Realized this morning that our move-in date is the same date as the Race for the Cure. Already signed up for Race for the Cure. Will still participate, and then go from Race to moving (bearing pizza, most likely, for those who are helping). Conclusion: The next day, I shouldn't plan on being able to walk. At all.

Realized about five minutes ago that I'm not wearing the pants I thought I was, but rather a pair of Eric's pants. They fit surprisingly well, besides being too long. Conclusion: Will start looking into buying men's pants in the future.

Must to do the research for moving everything (utilities, etc.). We're moving about two weeks before our current lease is up, so we can spread some of it out and give ourselves a chance to run a steam cleaner over the carpets and the like. Thus, we'll still need power in the old place, while moving into the new place which will also need power. Conclusion: PUD may hate us, if it can be done.

Very cranky. Very whiny. Very glad that it's not so damned sunny so far today - Eric thinks I may have Seasonal Disorder in reverse, where winter makes me happy and summer makes me want to die. Conclusion: Eric knows me quite well.
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