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And here I was, all set to do a lovely update/Christmas report, and now I'm worried. And annoyed that they don't have a "concerned" icon for the moods. Arg.

But, as of right now I have no information about what's going on, so I'll just try to find out later. *deep breath* I detest being a compulsive worrier sometimes...Anyway! Christmas, yes. It's been a pretty good holiday, with the brother and sister-in-law around. She seems nice enough - we get along well enough for family members who live 3000 miles apart, if not a bit better. The Christmas haul has been overmuch, as usual. I have one aunt and uncle who use the fact that they are also my godparents as an excuse to spoil me rotten and shamelessly. Sure, shamelessly on their part - they don't have to open three times as many presents from them as the rest of the family watches. Overall, good stuff - more candles, which can always come in handy, a couple of beautiful new masks for the collection, three of the mandatory four calendars needed (I'll need to buy my Stupidest Things Ever Said calendar this year, it seems), a new day planner and far too much money to be spent in bookstores via gift cards...mwahaha. My cousins actually said they weren't sure if a gift card to a bookstore would be a good idea for me - they obviously don't know me all that well. Now if I can just remember where the big Barnes and Noble is...and if Powell's accepts those gift cards. If they did...*drool*

Ahem. Far too much food made and consumed, though I noticed a difference this year. I spent a lot more time helping in the kitchen this year than ever before, it seemed. Or maybe it was that I resented it a lot less this year. It could have been the joy of working in a kitchen that was actually well-stocked, and with enough room for more than one person at a time. Either way, it was very nice to sit down at the table with everyone and realized that I had a hand in making most everything on the table.

Other than dealing with the politics of presents, which irritates me every year, it's been a very happy holidays so far. Bret gets home in a few days, which will make it even happier.

OK. Calmed down a bit, but still anxious. I think the thing I hate most in this world is just not knowing. Or maybe it's feeling like I should know more than I do, most of the time. If I could just work that out of my system, how much happier I would be...
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