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A quick "I hate people" post

Everest climber abandoned near summit

Synopsis: A man, climbing Mount Everest alone (sidenote: Not smart, dude. It's Mount frickin' Everest, for Pete's sake) was left about 1000 feet shy of the summit and died there, while other climbers passed him by without stopping. One group did stop, but by then it was too late. They gave him oxygen and radioed for help, and were (as far as I can tell) the only ones to do so, though he'd been seen by several other groups while still in a condition that would have allowed him to survive. The article I linked to is Sir Edmund Hillary ripping the climbers a new one. He's entitled.

Lewis the cat (linked from scarlettina

Synopsis: A cat is under house arrest, pending a trial that will determine whether or not he will be euthanized. He was an outdoor cat who reportedly attacked a few people (the owner claims that he came home covered in eggs before, and drenched from a hose, so it doesn't sound like it was the most friendly of neighborhoods), and one of the 'victims' called the police, got the owner arrested for reckless endangerment (which is what the owners of dogs who bite are charged with, I think?), and will not consent to allow the owner to be put on probation unless the cat's put to sleep. The owner's taking it to trial.

And yes, I can see both sides to both of them. With regards to the cat, well, that's why we keep Ramses inside and I made sure I was home when the apartment managers wanted to do a walk-through yesterday. And with regards to the Everest climbers, I get that you can only carry so much by way of supplies and oxygen with you for this climb, and that he was found really close to the top, where things are getting scarce for the crews. But he was seen several times working with his oxygen equipment, and no one stopped to offer him help, or possibly radio for help, letting someone know that there was a guy stranded near the top with no oxygen.

Remind me again why people are good?
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