Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Adventures in moving

Dear Feina-kitten,

I know, I know. We're awful people for forcing you into that box (though really, that was a lot easier than we thought - apparently, catnip will make you do anything), and then carrying you away and putting you in the new apartment. But, well, you're gonna have to deal - this is our new home.

Now, I know that the first few days in the new place, all you're going to want to do is hide. But please, Fuzz, try to stay out of the cabinets and the drawers. There's nothing quite so disconcerting as opening a drawer and seeing you blinking up at me. And another thing - THE WATER HEATER IS OFF-LIMITS. I don't want to wake up to you scrabbling against the wall, because you managed to fall down head-first and get stuck, again. I'm sorry the bearded one had to pull you by the tail while I pushed you up to get you out, but sweetie, you scared us! Not the best way to start thing out, no?

Love and skitches,
The long-haired one


Thank you so much for helping the Fuzz calm down. When you two actually get along, you're abominably cute. And thank you for ths snuggles last night, and for the extra cuddles you gave the Fuzz after her adventure this morning. When you want to be, Buddy, you're awfully sweet. Oh, and thank you for not attacking the cable man when he came by. We had to put you in the bedroom, though, when you started sniffing at him just a bit too much.

Love and extra treats,
The long-haired one
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