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An explanation of my previous post

This is, in fact, not a problem I am personally dealing with (as I have headphones and Sirius radio online, bwahaha). However, one of my coworkers (who sits next to me) was recently called on the carpet by our supervisor, who said that "someone" had complained about her discussing "non-work-related business" in the mornings. Before more than a handful of people are here.

The problem was not that she got called on the carpet (as the poll stated, her voice does tend to carry rather well), but the fact that the person, whoever s/he may be, never talked to her directly; instead, s/he went directly to our supervisor. Y'know, the way kids tattle on each other in school? Kinda like that.

Maybe it's Reed's training, or something, but the first step in taking care of a problem with another person, in my mind, is to talk to them directly. (Well, more accurately, it's figuring out if it's a problem that needs to be dealt with, or that can simply be sucked up, as it were, but still.) Ignoring that step and going straight to the "authority figure" seems to be a sign of wanting to stir up drama. And goodness knows, we don't need anymore of that in here. Arg.

So, yeah. Such is the work-life of the Stephie.
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