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Oh, dear

So, the new apartment is wonderful in many, many ways. However, tonight I noticed the teensiest problem.

I'm at home tonight, and I noticed one or two flies. Well, that happens, especially since we opened the back door this weekend to use the air conditioner. Then I noticed that there were a couple more of them, on the blinds to the back door. OK, kinda creepy, since they're huge-honkin' flies of doom and all.

Then I looked up.

I counted about twenty on the ceiling. There's been the faintest scent of burning from the bulb on our stand-up halogen lamp, accompanied by the softest buzzing sound. We do have a skylight, and we can't really get to it, so we don't even know if it's open right now. The flies look like they could be coming in from that skylight. I'm sure it's something like that, but, well...I've seen one too many episodes of CSI and Law & Order. Y'know, where the large preponderance of flies means there's a dead body somewhere nearby.

So, yeah. Anybody know how to get rid of flies? Besides chasing them around with a flyswatter, that is.
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