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Remember this post? Where I said I didn't want advice?

I do, now. Please to advise me.

My vague idea at this point is to look into taking a class or two at a community college for next term (or, more realistically, winter term), either close to work (downtown Seattle) or close to home (Everett). This will get me back into the habit of school, and give me a chance to get in good with a professor or two to write me letters of rec. Then, I want to apply for UW's MLIS program again for the fall of '07. I'd rather go for the full-time program and work part-time (either here, since I know they do that with students, or somewhere else), since the distance program's a bit harder to get into (from what I've heard). That way, I can also keep contributing to the bills, since, well, we need me to.

So, yeah. Advice on that post where I asked for no advice? Please?
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