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And the award for most surreal moment goes to..

So, the online radio station I listen to at work just got me *really* confused. I heard the music for the title song from the show "Rent", but I couldn't quite make out the words. "Ah", I think, "a parody." I look at the display, wish shows that it is a song called "Rent" from the musical of the same name. So I start paying attention.

That's about the point that I realized that it was in another language. A language that, not only could I not understand, I couldn't even *identify*. That cuts out the Romance languages and German. Beyond that? My money's on Japanese, but that's kinda my default for those which I cannot identify. They kept throwing in English, too. It was strange. Basically, what I heard was "[incomprehensible] trick or treat [incomprehensible] upside-down." And at the end, I heard what I imagine was the line "Last year's rent/this year's rent/next year's rent" in whatever language, followed by a line of "Rent rent rent rent rent" in English.

I am confused. Doesn't take much, I know, but still.
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