Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

Back from GenCon. Eric and Katie return on the morrow. Lacking in sleep, realizing the beauty of a job that allows for sitting all day and not standing on concrete, and wanting it to be next year again so we can do it again. Hee. Much with the good people and excellent loot was found, and I think I can play Dungeon Twister in my sleep now, or at least run through the spiel. Kitties behaved themselves and were happy to see me.

And now, I'm calling my boss to leave him a voicemail, saying I'll be in late tomorrow. Like, 10am late. The sleep, she is a beautiful thing. Even though my Eric is not here to snuggle with.

(Please forgive the lack of coherency. I had to speak clearly and near-constantly for the last four days - I think I used up all my Coherency points for awhile.)

An actual update will follow. Sometime. G'night!
Tags: gencon
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