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The arithmetic of the Stephie

Stressy weekend of kitchen wenching for a rehearsal dinner and wedding + work for three hours on Saturday that were three hours of frustration + not enough sleep + workdays made of frustration and stress + worry about the Eric who's not feeling well = a Stephie who starts downing Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips at 9am.

On the plus side, my kitchen wenching did cause many people to compliment my arroz con pollo and ask for, nay, DEMAND the recipe for same. Of course, as it's based on the Mexican food I learned from my mother, the recipe consists of "cook up some chicken, brown some rice in the same pan with the chicken, pour in enough water to almost cover everything, add some tomato sauce, chili powder, garlic salt, and cumin, and cook until the rice is done." Apparently, the lack of measurements throws some people off. Silly measuring-type folks.

OK. Back to work. Mayhaps, if I have the energy, I'll explain why work is made of frustration and stress (and my boss' boss swearing an awful lot, but it's not at me, so it's all good), but that's debatable.
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