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So, my office has decided that they're going to do a Games Day sometime in September. Naturally, I weaseled my way onto the planning committee (and by "weaseled", I mean "mentioned that I have my own games that I'm willing to lend to the cause"). We had our first meeting on Monday, and I mentioned some of the games I had in mind (they have to be fairly small, quick games that won't take too long to explain). I mentioned Fluxx and had it vetoed for being "too involved and difficult." Fluxx. Too difficult. Arg.

Here's what I'm thinking so far - let me know if y'all have any other ideas.

Jungle Speed
Gang of Four
Three Dragon Ante
Cloud Nine
Apples to Apples (I'm actually a little iffy on this one, but I suppose it could be played in rounds with people switching in and out)
Trivia cards (for the folks who can't take the time to stay for very long - just stop by, answer a few trivia questions, type of thing)

In other news, overtime tonight, so I won't be at Game Night. Leaving early yesterday means I really like the idea of making up some of that time.
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