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So, my co-worker and I are kinda hanging out, waiting for this beta testing to start (the reason why I'm not at Game Night, but rather still at work), and she suddenly asks me how to spell a name. Not any particular person's name (y'know, "how do you spell Staci in Collections name? I or Y?"), just how to spell a name. I gave it my best shot (it was Corrine, I believe - at least, that's how I spelled it), but I was thinking to myself "How in the bloody hell should I know?"

Names are weird like that. They don't really follow a specific set of rules for spelling - see also the 9 different way of spelling Stephanie - and you can't just tell someone that they're spelling their name wrong. It's THEIR name, after all, and they'll spell it however the hell they (or their parents) want to. It leads to some interesting ideas. See, Eric and I have already decided that if we have kids, we'll probably name them Erica and Steven. But, see, we want to spell their names strangely, like with a silent q or something. Then Eric and nire had this brilliant idea of spelling the kid's name Zqkxw and saying it's pronounced Steven or what have you. Completely screw every teacher the kid has up, and all that. And nire had the brilliant finishing touch of saying that when the kid gets his allowance, we can ask him if he wants to buy a vowel. It's genius, I tell you!

....this is probably why Eric and I won't be having kids. Or, at least, a good part of why. Heh.
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