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I got stuck in traffic on Friday, and thus missed my doctor's appointment to have my foot procedurey. Woo, rescheduling!

Saturday we relaxed, and went to Katie's for Board Game Night. It was great to get back there - we hadn't gone in way too long. Sunday was spent at Brian's for painting day, where I painted my first minature. I think it didn't turn out all that well, but it's a start.

Today Eric had to work, unfortunately. So I'm home by myself. Theoretically I should be working on getting things together in the house, but it's a bit overwhelming at this point. All we need to do is get enough room in the living room for an air mattress, and clean up the kitchen and dining room enough to use them for four people. I just...can't seem to be able to do that by myself. It's quite aggravating.

At any rate, happy Labor Day, and all that jazz. :)
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