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The average day at the bankruptcy law firm vs. today

(Average being defined as "for the last couple of weeks, since the Giant Project of Doom was finished and catch-up began".)

7:45-8:00 - Clock in (depending on traffic)
8:00-9:45 - Clear out Ch. 13 inbox (average of about 150-175 emails upon logging in for the day), sort the new stuff in the BNC inbox (about 50-65 emails per day, whittles down to about 25-35 emails/day that require statusing), begin statusing the oldest day's BNC stuff.
9:45-10:00 - break
10:00-11:30 - continue statusing, goal being to finish about half of the oldest day's emails.
11:30-12 or 12:30 (depending on workload) - lunch
12 (or 12:30) to end of day - continue statusing, finish oldest day's emails, print documents, affix labels to said documents, count and sort said documents, record counts, give docs to scanning, begin statusing the next day's emails. All through this, keep an eye on the Ch 13 inbox and occasionally take a few minutes to clear it out.

8:10 - clock in (stupid traffic)
8:10-9:50 - clear out Ch 13 inbox of its 522 emails (stupid three-day weekend and courts with automated systems that still send things out when they're closed)
9:50-10:05 - break
10:05-10:50 - sort new stuff in BNC, begin statusing oldest day's emails (of which there are 50).
10:55 - encounter MAJOR ISSUE OF DOOM. Run MIOD by J (my boss). He says "Huh. That's...not supposed to happen."
10:55-11:15 - sit in S's office (S being J's boss) as they try to figure out MIOD. S says "Oh, it's probably just x! *looks at cases* Or, y'know, not." S calls L (HIS boss) to discuss MIOD. Her reaction: "But they can't do that." S: "But they did." L: "But they can't!" MIOD is resolved-ish, and J and I walk back to our desks. J tells me that I've used up my share of "weird stuff" for the day. Heh.
11:15-11:30 - status some more. Remember that goal of finishing at least half the emails? I finished 4. Of 50.
11:30-now - lunch. And yes, I'm taking the full hour. So there.

Oy, I say.
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