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Video meme and a conversation

Memetag: YouTube chart

I got tagged with the "5 favorite YouTube videos" meme. This one was fun. :) - Stephen Sondheim's "Assassins" in concert - the Ballad of Booth, with Victor Garber as John Wilkes Booth. - Season one Alias bloopers with Spanish subtitles. Why Spanish? Why not? - Vitas, a Russian pop singer with a scary-high range. Not a bad video, either. - Matt Hardy vs. Edge at Unforgiven 2005. Whaaaaaaat? - Weezer's "Island in the Sun". Wookit the kitty and the puppies and the monkey! So cute!

In other news, a recent conversation between my wonderful husband and me:

A commercial for Skittles ends on TV
Me: *blinkblink* What in the fucking fuck was THAT?!?
Eric: *while laughing to the point of choking* He traded a singing bunny for a pack of Skittles, and then the singing bunny kept him up all night, and he wanted to trade back, and he was outside in the rain all sad because he can see the other guy eating the Skittles, and then the bunny bit him and got away.
Me: ...While you did, in fact, explain the plot, as it were, of the commercial, you still didn't explain WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK WAS THAT?!?
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