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What gives?

So, it's the slowest day ever. I'm doing some work for another team, which, let me tell ya, will probably not happen again anytime soon - at least, not this particular type of work. Anyway, I'm the only one on this side of the office (I think there may have been someone across the cubicle jungle, so she doesn't count, since she can't see me), which means dancing in my seat to my newly-creating "Get dancin'" playlist on the Stephiepod, and listening to the new Weird Al CD (also on said Stephiepod). Even with all this amusement, the day is taking for-flippin'-ever...

...right up until I tell myself "Well, I can at least get through section X tonight for sure." Suddenly, it's twenty minutes to FREEDOM, and I'm not finished with section X. Lesson learned? Give myself a goal earlier in the day to make this time change happen sooner.
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