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I'm trying to convince myself that yesterday's crankiness does not need to spill over into today. Problem is, the things that initiated the cranky yesterday have not gone away. So, here's hoping that ranting about it a bit will get it out of my system, so I can just freakin' move on. I hate being cranky.

I am a number of things. In no particular order, I am a gamer, an avid reader (who tends to read things that don't show up in Oprah's book club), a wannabe librarian, an actress, a make-up artist, a lover of cats, a flower fanatic, and a geek of many flavors: Broadway musicals, theater in general, linguistics, cross-stitch, stagecraft, children's books, ancient Egypt, and others. I am a wife. I am detail-oriented. I am a college graduate. I am unwilling to let a thing rest half-done. I listen to music that doesn't really flow with the mainstream. And dammit, I like all those things about myself.

So WHY do my coworkers feel the need to make fun of every single thing I just listed? Why do they feel compelled to make sure I know I don't fit in with them? I'm back in high school with every day I'm on this job. I've taken to simply sitting quietly and working as hard as I can, just to avoid conversation, because I know it'll end poorly, with my opinions and tastes, my likes and dislikes, being questioned and mocked. Admittedly, it's not as blatant and, necessarily, awful, as it was in high school, but the subtle nature makes it worse, because now I can't tell if it's actually happening or if I'm just projecting it.

I know I'm being oversensitive, and I know I have to bloody well deal with it. Somedays, though, I need to rant before I explode.

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