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Why is it, whenever a woman makes a comment about feeling nauseated and it happens to be morning, people start making the "Well, you know, maybe you're pregnant!" comments? WHY??? This is not funny, particularly if you start telling them that you know you're not pregnant. "I just had my period." "Well, you know that some women have their periods all through their pregnancies. I mean, look at my brother's daughter's teacher's niece!" "But I'm losing weight right now." "That can happen at the beginning, too. My uncle's daughter's boyfriend's sister didn't even know she was pregnant until she was six months along!" No matter what you say, it always gets turned around until there's no doubt in their mind that you're pregnant. My sinuses are draining, and I'm stressed and not eating all that well. Thus, sour stomach. NOT THAT HARD, PEOPLE!

In other news...OMGLASTDAYOFOCTOBERNANOWRIMOSTARTSTOMORROWOMGOMGOMFG! I have an idea for a plot that's getting more warped the closer it gets to go time, but still. OMFG!
Tags: co-workers, nanowrimo, omg
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