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Note to self:

Vicodin + work = bad. No, seriously, it's a bad plan.

I had minor foot procedury this weekend (thus the missing of Game Night - sorry, Katie!), and was given Vicodin for the pain. I only took it maybe three times this weekend (admittedly, because I spend most of Saturday with a numb foot, but, details!), and it didn't really bother me that much. So, when it started hurting at work today, I took one.

Now, this weekend, my activities consisted of going grocery shopping, buying a couple of new sweaters (sooooo soft and pretty! Yay Target!), and watching Eric play Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Work consists of more complicated bureaucracy and red tape. So the brainpower needed is a smidge more than was needed this weekend, and just not there. I just spent twenty minutes at the photocopier trying to do one job. It was bad.

So, yeah. No Vicodin at work. After work's an entirely different creature.
Tags: drugs, procedury, work
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