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I called out from work today - I warned my boss yesterday that it was a possibility. The parking lot looks to be an ice rink, and after spending nearly six hours in the car last night getting home, I am less than enthusiastic about getting back in said car. It's not often that one's commute has to involve a pit stop because it's taking so damn long.

It was rather scary, actually, seeing all the cars stopped on the side of the road (or just on the road - some of them couldn't make it to a shoulder). We spent most of the drive on Highway 99, which would have been brilliant had not a billion and three other people had the same idea. There's "stop and go" traffic, and then there's "stop, let your foot off the brake, stop again" traffic. Even with it being the latter last night, we saw a good number of people spinning their tires and sliding around. With so many cars on the road so closely packed, it's a wonder there weren't more accidents.

After the pit stop (bless you, IHOP, for still being open at that time! They closed right behind us after we told the manager that the road was a sheet of ice out there.), we took I-5, which was, well, moving, at any rate. That's where most of the cars were stopped and abandoned, including a rather large number of semis. Several of them were stopped to put on their chains, but many more were just going to be stuck for the night - who expects ice in western Washington in November? We saw a few buses that were stuck, having slid off the road or just plain unable to keep going, and at least one police car in a ditch, lights still going. That one, I admit, made me giggle a little bit, especially when it was clear the officer wasn't hurt.

All in all, we made it home in one piece, and for that I am truly thankful. Eric's going to try to go into work late today (he's supposed to be working late, anyway, so this way he only works *gasp!* eight hours instead of ten), but we'll have to see how things are at that point. For me, I'm home, and there's nothing anybody can do about it. So there, dammit.
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