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Well, that was exciting

So, I suddenly heard a smoke detector go off nearby, and then stop. i'm here by myself, so I really didn't want to have to crate the cats and get them outside. I walked over to the door and smelt smoke, and a fair amount of it. I slipped on my shoes and went outside - I couldnt see the smoke, but I sure could smell it. It smelled of burnt rubber and hair - not a pleasant combination. I walked downstairs and saw our downstairs neighbor outside, with the door open. Apparently the vacuum cleaner burned out (which explains the burnt-rubber-and-hair smell), and he had taken it outside to air it out. Whew!

Thus ends the excitement of the night. The cats were kinda concerned-ish about the noise of the smoke detector, but were much more excited by the fact that I opened one of the windows to help air out the place. Silly furballs.

There, a window into the life of the Stephie. Thrill-a-minute, don'tchaknow.
Tags: excitement, home, kitties
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