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So I went to the dentist this morning for the first time in...eight years, I wanna say? It was sometime before Daddy passed, I know, because he took me and made fun of how the novacaine made me talk afterwards.

I don't deal well with dentists, in general. I have issues with sharp pointy things, and since that seems to be the main tool of the trade for dentists, see where I might have issues. But I talked myself into it, and went. Twenty gag-reflex-activating x-rays later, I have a couple of "little baby" cavities. Half an hour's worth of poking at my gums with the aforementioned sharp pointy thing later, and I have gum disease to be treated with DEEP CLEANING. Said deep cleaning began this morning. Meaning I was stabbed with novacaine and scraped within an inch of my life.

Now, the fear of sharp pointy things is very primal to me. Knives, needles, broken glass - basically anything that can break the skin makes me uncomfortable. Needles, obviously, fall into this category, and I have a weird reaction to them. I don't even necessarily have to see the needle go in, but knowing that it's there usually sets me on edge and throws my system for a loop. Every time that I've had a shot or had blood drawn or something numbed via needle, I spend the rest of the day kind of disoriented and out of it. My entire body feels like it's been tensed for hours, ready to flee, and the fact that there's nothing it can do, nowhere to flee to, means that there's all this tension and adrenaline and nowhere to use it.

So, basically, I'm edgy, nervous, disoriented, and starting to feel pain, which is a change from being unable to feel my nose previously. That was fun, let me tell you. My apologies to all who have to deal with me for the rest of today. After work, I'm going to a friend's First Thursday (I promised, otherwise I would be heading home), and then home after Eric gets off from work. And most likely a long bath and sleep. Mmm, sleep.
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