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So, as some (most?) of you may know, I have a tattoo on my left hip (see icon). I've been toying with the idea of getting another tattoo, probably on my right hip. I have a thing about being even, what can I say? :)

My current tattoo means "strength". I'm thinking of finding another symbol for "unity" or "union", something along those lines. My problem is finding the darn thing. I don't necessarily want to go with another Egyptian hieroglyph, and I don't want to use a Chinese or Japanese character - it's not really my thing. i'm thinking more Mesoamerican, maybe. It'd be nice to have something that's at least sort of related to my heritage (Mom's family is from Mexico, though for the life of me I don't know where in Mexico they're from).

So, um, help? My mad Google skillz seem to be failing me tonight. Anybody have an ideas on where I can find images of Mesoamerican hieroglyphs, or something similar? I don't need it anytime real soon, honestly - I want to use the tattoo as part of an incentive to lose some of this gut I've gotten the last couple of years. But it'd be nice to start planning, y'know?
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