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Christmas questions!

Snagged from fairoriana
Christmas Questions

What album speaks most of Christmas to you? What is it just not Christmas without in terms of music?

What is your favorite ornament? What's it's story? Where do you get it?

What's your family tradition regarding present-opening? Christmas morning? Christmas Eve? Other?

Does Christmas usually involve a fancy big meal, or is most of the day spent in PJs reading the new books you got?

What the best Christmas present you got for Christmas last year. Do you even remember?

Whose Christmas present are you most excited to give this year?

1. OK, this is going to sound really weird, but...Ray Stevens. Not even any of his Christmas stuff - I'm talking "Guitarzan" here. Y'see, from the time I was six until we moved when I was eleven, we drove from Albuquerque up to Pueblo, CO every winter for Christmas with my Grandma. Daddy never was a huge fan of "real" Christmas music, so we always listened to tapes. The two tapes that got played every time were Ray Stevens and the Oak Ridge Boys, so I guess you could add stuff like "Elvira" in on the list, too. I'm weird, what can I say?

2. For some unknown reason, the year my parents got married my dad's mom gave them a bunch of cloth ornaments for their first tree. Now, that alone is not the weird part, nor is the fact that the ornaments were all Noah's Ark-type animals (Grandma's rather devoutly Baptist, so all the Bible stories are fair game when it comes to gifts). No, the weird part is the fabrics she used for them. We're talking fuschia rams, purple elephants, and blue sheep. I think the purple elephant's my favorite of all of them, though - he's just so...random! (Sidenote - my mom still puts them on the tree every year, as the cat toy ornaments. She puts them on the bottom branches to distract the cats from the nicer ornaments up higher. Seems to work pretty well, though Milky hates that sheep - every year that thing gets a litttle more battered.)

3. Most presents were opened on Christmas Eve - Christmas Day was for stockings and one or two things from "Santa". When we were little, we would do the "OMG it's Christmas wakeupwakeupwakeup" thing, but now, not so much. By the time I hit high school, it was around 8 or so before we'd get started, and half the time we'd go back to bed afterwards.

4. Oh, it was all about the lounging with new books thing. We would graze, though, much like we did for New Year's Eve - we'd put a bunch of finger-food type things out (pigs in a blanket, cracker pizzas, lil' smokies, crackers and cheese, that sort of thing), and just graze all day. Still one of my favorite ways to spend New Year's Eve, actually.

5. Let's see...last Christmas was a bit of a blur, what with the "OMG wedding in less than four months OMGOMGOMG" thing. Eric did give me a Santana CD that's on my "Get dancin'" and "Stephie destress" mixes...

6. I'm looking forward to Eric's parents' kids getting their presents - we got them books and gift cards to Build-A-Bear. Every kid needs a book of his/her own and something to hug. *firm nod*
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