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They're coming to take me away, ha ha...

I got lent to another department at work for two days. Two days, that's it. Today, I got to go back to my normal stuff and have discovered that said normal stuff has reproduced like bunnies. My inbox is overflowing, and I had to give some things to my boss to do because I simply can't.

Add to that that I still have to take care of a few things present-wise, am close to broke already, and there still isn't a stitch of Christmas decoration in the house (which didn't bother me last year or the year before, but is bugging the crap out of me this year - I got a cedar garland this weekend, I just need to put it up), and and and ack. The anti-anxieties aren't quite cutting it as well as normal. Plus, for some reason this year is turning into a "missing Daddy and family in general like crazy" year. I hate those years.

They're coming to take me away, ha ha...
Tags: christmas, stress, work
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