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Ah, family

After the fun and excitement that was Christmas, I have a question that maybe y'all can help me with...

Eric and I are running into issues with the relatives, with regards to the holidays. Y'see, his mom is the type to welcome everyone in the world into her family with open arms. His family is much closer (geographically) and bigger than mine is - my mom is the only one who lives in the same time zone as I, anymore. We ended up spending both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his family (we spent the weekend before Christmas with my mom), and the entire time, all I heard was how his mom's "only regret" was that my mom couldn't "be here with us this year." She invited Mom for Thanksgiving, too, and was turned down then, too.

Mom and Eric's parents have met maybe three or four times, including the wedding. It's not that my mom doesn't like his family, it's that she's done with the big family events thing and she just doesn't feel comfortable with it. No matter what Mom tells his mom directly, his mom always bugs me about it, laying on the guilt.

So, my question is, how do I deal with my mother-in-law when she brings this up again? (And she will...she always does...) Is there a polite way to tell her that my mom doesn't WANT to be a part of the family, thanks all the same?

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