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So, I'm home. I tried, I swear I did. I made it all the way to the car and halfway to work. The cough (which is more in my chest than my throat, meaning it's a chest cold - yay!) turned into one of those coughs that makes your brain feel like it's rattling in your skull. Cough -> headache -> migraine (complete with light AND sound sensitivity AND nausea! Yay!)

So, yeah. Called my boss, told him the bug that bit S had come for me now (he kinda laughed, but at least he knew what I meant - the girl was hacking up a lung for over a week), dropped Eric at work and drove home, stopping by the pharmacy to pick up cough drops (most foul-tasting things in the world - why is it the ones that taste good rarely do anything?) and double-check my drug interactions. I'd recently changed headache meds, and I wanted to know if that had changed my list of things not to take. It had - I can take most OTC stuff now, and have to avoid anti-depressants. OK then.

Now to go sleepy. Hopefully the kitties will help - they're pretty good about that sort of thing. And soon, soon I tell you, I'll be able to not sound so damned whiny! Well, hopefully.
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