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Good thoughts, please

My mother called me a couple of hours ago. Apparently, this afternoon my grandmother had a stroke. My cousin's children (who come over to my aunt and uncle's house, where Grandma lives now, everyday after school) found her slumped over in her downstairs apartment. She could still talk, apparently, she couldn't really move her left side. My aunt and uncle got her to the hospital, and the doctors have been running tests ever since.

Evidently, this was a fairly major stroke. The tests show that she had had a minor stroke recently, but never got treatment for it (she's a Wood - we're notoriously hard-headed when it comes to getting medical treatment). She was able to move her left foot and leg some, but she wasn't all that clear with her words. My aunt and my cousins are taking turns in the hospital (my uncle doesn't really leave the house too much anymore), and hopefully, if she gets through the next twenty-four hours, she'll be able to recover pretty well. It may mean moving her to a nursing home - no one's sure just yet.

Grandma Wood is the only grandparent I have left. Mom's parents both died when I was younger (Abuelita when I was about six, Abuelo when I was sixteen), and Grandpa Wood died before I was born. I haven't seen her in far too long - it's been years since I've been back to Colorado. Eric and I were already making plans to go see them over Memorial Day weekend, and we'll definitely be following through with those plans. With luck, we won't need to go any sooner. I really don't want the first time Eric meets my family to be at a funeral, or over Grandma's hospital bed.

So, good thought, please.
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