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This week? Much with the sucktacular.

Things aren't looking so great. She apparently can't swallow, so the doctors are putting in a feeding tube tomorrow. She also appears to have lost sight in her left eye (and possibly her right - my aunts wasn't real sure, but said it didn't look like Grandma was able to focus at all. 'Course, she's also not wearing her glasses right now...), and still can't really move her left side. Heart scans show that everything there is clear, but her brain scans show a large 'dark spot' where the tissue is either dead or inactive - basically, damaged from the stroke. It doesn't look like it was a burst blood vessel, but rather a clot, so I believe they're going to start her on blood thinners to get the clot broken up. My uncle (my dad's brother and Grandma's remaining son) is getting hounded by the doctors to make a decision - if she has another stroke, will there be a DNR on her chart? Needless to say, this is NOT a decision he wants to be making.

There's a lot going on there, but thinking about it too much will make me break down again, and I've already done that once today. On the upside, I managed it without drawing attention to myself, which is good. I told my boss (and his boss) what the situation was, so they wouldn't be surprised if I had to suddenly get to Colorado.

Between that and another round of torture at the dentist's yesterday, it's been a rough week. At the dentist's, I had my first treatment with nitrous. After a minute or two, I'd managed to convince myself I was dying and blacked out, after which the hygenist turned down the nitrous and I woke up and was ok. Still, not so much with the good, and mouth is sooooore today.

Back to work with me.
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