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Setaú úta

So, I order a pizza. Mmm, pizzay goodness! I wait, and soon the knock that heralds said goodness comes a-knocking on the door. "Huzzah!" think I. I skitter to the door, debit card in hand, with no shoes, no socks, and a thin t-shirt and jeans ensemble. Hey, I'm just signing the receipt and getting my pizza - I don't need shoes and socks!

I step outside, closing the door behind me. The pizza guy looks puzzled by this. "My cat," I say. "He'll try to escape if I leave the door open." "Ah, understandable," says he. He hands me the pizzay goodness and my receipt, and reaches into his pocket for a pen. And then into another pocket. Four pockets he searches, and still comes up penless. "No worries," I say, "I'll just duck inside and grab a pen." I reach for the handle and turn it.

Sadly, the handle does not turn all the way. It barely turns at all, in fact. It seems that, in my haste to obtain pizzay goodness, I had locked the door. "Well, hell," I say. ", that's a problem, that is." The pizza guy now looks amused. "Home alone?" he says. Well, except for the cats, I think, and as of yet they haven't figured out how to unlock doors...

"Can I borrow your cell phone?" I ask frantically. Eric's at the game store - he can head over here with his keys and let me in! Huzzah! The call is made - and it turns out that Brian's gone, so Eric's running the store. Which means he can't leave. Well, crap. I can hear him talking to other folks, trying to find someone to drive his keys to the apartment and let me in. I hurriedly hang up, handing the phone back to the pizza guy. He hangs out for a few minutes to make sure everything is set, then he leaves. After some time, and some awkward conversation with our neighbor (who let me inside for a few to make sure I didn't freeze), Selena drove up and let me in. She is officially my hero.

In conclusion: I R TEH DUMBASS. *headdesk*
Tags: idiocy
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