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A real update! Huzzah!

Grandma update: Signs are looking better. Her left side is pretty well gone, but she was able to sit up by herself for a few minutes yesterday. Admittedly, she was tied to the chair - my uncle doesn't move so well, and he knew he wouldn't be able to get to her in time if she started to fall - but she did it! She was also more talkative, and the doctors are starting to sound more optimistic, which is good. They weren't sounding all that hopeful last week, so it's good to hear. She's not out of the woods by any stretch, but it's not looking as scary as it was.

Work update: I actually screwed up the nerve to talk to my boss about coworker S, and it turned out that he already had a pretty good idea of what was going on. He had apparently talked to her before I said anything, and that hadn't done any good, so he had his boss talk to her the next day. Apparently, that was all it took, because things have been a billion times better since then. Now, she's "reconnected" with some guy she dated five years ago, and, like, he's sooooo sweet, and, like, it's like FATE that they found each other again, because she'd been looking for him on myspace for, like, four years, and BAM! He just showed up one night, and he's sooooo cute, and he thinks it's fate, too, and he said that they would have, like, really cute kids together, but they're, like, taking it slowly... At least she's happy. She's a much easier person to work with when she's happy.

Life update: Overall, things are going pretty darned well. My teeth still hurt a bit from the dental procedury of last week, but all that's doing is keeping me from eating things that are too hard (like, say, M&Ms). Admittedly, this is hard for me, but I'll get by. With luck, we'll be buying plane tickets in the next month or so to visit Colorado in May (which was in the works before Grandma's stroke). I'm really looking forward to it, actually - I want Eric to meet my family, and to meet the people who helped shape who I am. Naturally, I'm a little worried, too - there are tons of embarrassing pictures to see and stories to tell, and my family loves that sort of thing. :) The apartment still needs work, but then, when doesn't it? In all, I'd say that I'm living a pretty good life.

And that's me. How are you guys?
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