Setaú úta (setauuta) wrote,
Setaú úta

What are your eight?

So, Eric and I have rather...interesting conversations on the way to and from work. Tonight, after I told some stories, Eric brought up an intriguing idea.

His parents have been married for thirty-two years today. Now, he and I already tell each other the same stories over and over on occasion, and he wondered if his parents were the same way - if, after all these years, all the stories they told each other about themselves were things they'd heard before. "What if we're just a collection of eight stories that we tell over and over?"

There's a thought. Every time you tell a story, you tell it differently, depending on who you're telling and what you're trying to tell them with the story. The stories we tell show some different aspect of ourselves, and putting them together gives a pretty complete picture of who we are.

So, my question/challenge for you: If you had to pick eight stories from your life to tell a perfect stranger, stories that would give that person the most complete idea of who you are, what would they be?

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