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Today's schedule:

Class 10:30am-12pm
Lunch 12-12:30pm
Library 12:30pm-6(ish)pm
Dinner 6(ish)-7pm
Library 7pm-12:15am (when Matt finally dragged me out)

But. But but but. All the regular reading for next week is done. Complete. Terminado. Including 40 pages of a vaguely understandable Argentine scholar who went on about Homer, gauchos (roughly translated, cowboys - but not in the stereotypical American sense), and Greek armour. Yeah. But it's done! I took the bastard down, I made him jump on my sword, I...really need to get some sleep.

All of this, incidentally, was so I could dedicate this weekend to a presentation and a paper that, I just learned, is due on Tuesday. I'm actually getting, like, organized and whatnot. Scaaaaary....

Right. Sleep. Mmm, sleep....
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