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My uncle Paul (my dad's only brother, the sole surviving son of my grandmother who passed away last month) is in the hospital. Again. Right after everybody left after Grandma's funeral, he landed in the hospital with internal bleeding and back issues. He just got out six days ago, and he's back in, this time for difficulty breathing. He's not in pain, but the doctors have found some spots on his lungs that they're "unsure" about. They've got him in the hospital to run tests - well, what tests they can run. He's too big for an MRI or CT scan - they figured that out last time he was in, when they couldn't really find out where the bleeding was coming from.

*sigh* This one's bothering me more, for some reason. I mean, Uncle Paul's always been there. He's a fixture. Yes, we saw him just last month, but it's crazy. I really hope that the doctors can figure out what it is and that it's something reasonably easy to fix. In the meantime, there's not much I can do other than make sure Mom and Rich and I have all the information we can. I'm still the designated information officer for our branch, somehow, since I'm the one that calls the most often. My aunt's sounding a little frayed around the edges - she longs for the time when things were "normal and boring." I can't say as I blame her.

For now? Back to work, once I finish my chamomile tea. Here's hoping it's enough to stave off the panic attack that's threatening to come on and beat the tar out of me. I don't have time for this. Tea, dammit!
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