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So. Very. Tired.

Flight last night was delayed six and a half hours. I was put on standby for the next two flight to Seattle that would be leaving before the disgustingly late one, but both were full. I made a mistake with my meds (took my sleeping pill rather than my panic pill), which made the flight...interesting. Apparently, while on Ambien and flying over Portland, the lights of downtown Portland form a giant robotic ent-looking thing and will start to crawl north to Seattle. Methinks it's time to ditch those particular meds.

Con in general was awesome. Gave many and many a demo (both the five-minute "See? Shiny game! Twisty! With dragons!" version, and the sit-down-let's-play hour-long version), to the point that my voice is pretty well gone. Have a touch of the Crud, as well, which that whole no sleep 'til Seattle thing didn't help. Gabby, the girl I roomed and worked with, was pretty danged awesome. She's Canadian, and her parents are from El Salvador, so she's fluent in English, Spanish, French, Spanglish, and Franglais. We spoke mostly Spanish or Spanglish to each other, which really confused those around us. We had a pair of pirates in the both next door, who were awesome and helped keep an eye out for us. There was some sleeze, some "You can't know what you're talking about! You have boobies!", but by and large nothing too bad. We had a girls' night out with a couple other demo chicks and booth babes, which was entertaining until we tried to take the BART back to the hotel. Two hours later...yeah. Not planning to move to SF anytime soon.

At any rate, I'm home, with new games, some cash, a baby dragon named Errol and Secret Agent Cthulu in tow. After work (I came in an hour late, so I'll be working late to make up the time), I'm going home and crashing like a big crashing thing. Couch, bed, floor - don't matter, so long as it's not moving and it's in my home. I like my home. Mmmm, home.
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