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Dear new apartment manager:

When you set an appointment for us to come in last Saturday at 1pm to sign our new lease, we were a bit surprised to get to the office and see your sign say that you'd be back at 1:30. Perhaps I misheard you, I thought. So, we hung out, waited until you showed up, and got the lovely surprise of learning that you weren't ready for us - that you had to put our information into your new system, or somesuch, and that we had to come back the next Saturday at 1pm.

So why is it that, when we went to your office, your sign says "back at 2 o'clock"? This is not looking good for our new rental situation.


In headache news, all tests have come back normal. Apparently, my brain is normal...well, medically speaking, at any rate. This is both a Woo! and a Dangit! at once, for it means that my brain is not in imminent danger of explosion or anything (Woo!) and that we're back to square one with the headaches (Dangit!). The new meds finally seem to be doing something besides making my face and hands tingly, so maybe there's hope there. We shall see. Also, I apparently do NOT have a thyroid condition. Alas, my weight is my own damned fault. Curses! *smirk*

Last night was seventy shades of awesome. After a LONG day of work, Eric and I wandered over to Seattle Center and grabbed something to eat, then sprawled out on the grass in front of the Mural and waited until dusk so we could watch The Princess Bride on a ginormous inflatable screen under the stars. We met up with a fair number of people, and it was so unbelievably cool to be watching one of my favorite movies under the stars with a group of friends and snuggled up with my husband *le sappy sigh*

We ordered some catnip toys from a woman on LJ (whose username I seem to have blanked), and they arrived today. ZOMG teh kitteh-crack! This stuff is SERIOUSLY potent. The cats couldn't seem to decide if these toys (which are little pillow-looking things) are their best friends or mortal enemies that need to DIE! The two we pulled out (one for each of them) are now soaked with kitty slobber, and they're each lying somewhere contemplating their paws. It's hilarious.

On the schedule for today - signing the damned lease *grumblemutterdamnedflakeofanapartmentmanager*, grocery shopping, assorted other errands, maybe game night at Katie's?
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