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GenCon approacheth!

And Eric and I have a small transportation issue. We have a way to get back home from the airport (thank heavens), but we need transportation to the airport. We need to get to the airport by 9am or so (the flight leaves at 10:50am) on Wednesday, August 15th (as in, this coming Wednesday). Being early is no problem (as Eric and I are both paranoid about missing flights).

Would any of you lovely local people be willing to drive us to the airport? Busing from Everett to SeaTac is made of suck, but it is an option if no one's able to take us. We'll pay for gas, of course. We won't have much by way of luggage - a duffel bag for me, Eric's laptop bag, and a rolling duffel bag - so we won't need a ton of space.

Also, if any of y'all know of something you'd like us to look for for you at GenCon, comment now or forever hold your peace! :)
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