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7 things meme

Comment, I'll pick seven interests, you explain them in a post moderately similar to this one, and on and on ad infinitem.

These first ones are the ones gamethyme chose for me.

Philology - Per, there are a bunch of different definitions for this one. My personal favorite is "the love of learning and literature", which suits me pretty well. It's also the study of historical linguistics, and learning how languages change over time. Basically, it's a sign that I'm a big honkin' language geek.

WWE - OK, I admit it. I enjoy professional wrestling. I blame Eric for this entirely, as he's the one who got me started watching it. If you look at it as two stuntmen showing off their skills, then it becomes significantly less cheestacular. There's still a fair amount of cheesiness, don't get me wrong, but the sheer athleticism can be quite entertaining to watch. Also, some of those wrestlers are DAMNED fine. :P Incidentally, if any of y'all wants to come over on Sunday to watch a pay-per-view wrestling match with us, we'd love to have you. Just let me know - the match starts around 5.

Masks - I've loved masks since I was in junior high or so, and amassed quite a collection over the years. My first masks were porcelain and made to hang on the wall. Over time, I started collecting latex and silicone masks that were wearable. I tend toward the harlequin and animal masks, as well as the types of masks seen in masquerade balls.

Military - My father served in the US Air Force from the time he turned 18 until the day that he died. My brother joined the Army for a little while, and was discharged due to a medical condition. All of the men in my grandfather's generation (meaning Granddad and his four brothers) served during WWII. I have nothing but respect for the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces, regardless of my feelings on our current situation.

Audrey Hepburn - So, the first movie of a musical that I can remember being completely in love with was My Fair Lady, back when I was in the ninth grade and playing Mrs. Higgins in our school's production of the show. I fell head over heals in love with the entire cast, and was just entranced by Audrey Hepburn's face. I started watching every movie of hers I could find after that. She always had such an air of grace about her, even when she was playing characters that weren't meant to be graceful. It was something for a clumsy teenager to aspire to. :)

Desk Sets - I'm like a little kid when it comes to stationary and office supplies - places like Office Max and Staples are dangerous places for me to be, particularly when I have money. One of the things I've always liked have been the desk sets with the pen holder, desk blotter, paperclip holder and whatever else they decided to add in there. It was always nice to have everything match like that.

Traducción - This is simply Spanish for "translation," which is another area of language that I've always enjoyed studying and playing with. I admit that I put this in my interests to help me appear on searches by Spanish speakers looking for translators.

And these are the ones from julzerator - there were a couple of duplicates, which I'm leaving out.

office supplies - See above regarding desk sets. I just adore pens and notepads and such. It's an illness, I know. Back to school time was always my favorite time of year, because it meant new school supplies.

migraines - For the last...three years, or so, I've been dealing with chronic headaches that have been variously diagnosed as migraines, tension headaches, chronic paroxysmal hemicrania, and simply "bad headaches." I've looked into treatments for all of these conditions, and some help, and some don't. Hell if I (or anyone) know what they are, but things labeled to help migraines have occasionally done some good.

corky and the juicepigs - A Canadian comedic musical group whose big hit song is Eskimo. I found that song fantastically funny in college, and now, listening to it again, I'm not so sure. Curious, that.

hieroglyphs - I love egyptology, and most things related to ancient Egypt. I decided long before I ever got my tattoo that my first tattoo would be a hieroglyph that meant something important to me, and I did - my tattoo in the hieroglyph for "strength." I've always loved the idea of conveying entire thoughts and ideas through simple lines drawn on paper (or clay, in the case of hieroglyphs), so hieroglyphs naturally appealed to me.

bubbles - So, in college I started this tradition of "bubbles at midnight," where I would go out to the balcony of my dorm building and blow bubbles into the night. I would get a few of my dormies involved as well, and we'd stay out there until the cold or the hour drove us back inside. It really is amazing to see how people react to random bubbles coming at them - first confusion, then interest, and finally a childlike glee. There are few things that a few good minutes with some bubbles can't make at least a little bit better.
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