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One word...


Ahem. A bit of explanation may be in order.
Last Saturday, my friend Paul and I ushered at this theatre near Reed that has a bilingual (Spanish and English) touring company, and focuses on work by Hispanic authors. In ushering for them, we got to see one of their productions for free - an...interesting translation of García-Lorca's Yerma. OK, so it was pretty bad. But before the show, Paul and I talked with the folks around there. Turns out the guy at the box office was the artistic director of the group and basically the head honcho. We talked to him for awhile, it was all good and happy and whatnot.

This afternoon, I get a call from someone at the theatre. They're looking for a stage manager for their upcoming Poetry in Performance in April, and the artistic director gave the director my name as someone who'd be interested in it. So she called me up, asking if I'd be interested.

Duuuuuuude! :) I told her it'd depend on my schedule, and I'd let her know for sure tomorrow during the day. It would be so very cool...*bouncebouncebounce*
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