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Note to self:

Please to be knocking off this random panic attack bull. Admittedly, you haven't heard from UW yet, and it's still entirely possibly you'll get rejected. Yes, the mess in the apartment is mocking you from here. Yes, you are horrifically behind on this year's NaNo and most likely won't finish. And, of course, you're still in a place where you don't fit in and feel it more every day. Oh, and don't forget that Eric's in the middle of a massively suck-filled work situation and needs as much support as you can give, and there's the holiday guilt trips from his mother starting already.

STILL! There is no reason to do this panic attack nonsense at work. You have stuff to do (sort of), and you don't trust these people enough to break down in front of them. It won't help anything - it'll only make things worse. So knock it the hell off!
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