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Headaches and stuffs

Saw the new neurologist today - he is a HUGE improvement over Dr. Wants-a-Boot-Up-Her-Ass. he seemed pretty shocked when I told him what the last doctor had said, which helped a lot. Unfortunately, after looking at the films and results of all the various tests from before, it still looks like he's ruled most everything out. The best he could give me was the possibility of them being "ice pick headaches," which are treated with over-the-counter pain medication when they occur. Basically, I have headaches. That's about it. Woo.

In other news, ZOMG RAIN. Since Eric started the new job today, he had the car, so I had to bus to the doctor's. Can I just say, again, how much I hate Everett Transit? I missed one bus by a few minutes, so had to stand out in the rain for about 45 minutes waiting for the next one. I anticipate a lovely bout of sneezing and coughing in my future. Again, I say woo.

Here's hoping everyone's keeping reasonably dry, to those that are affected.
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