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OK, so it's been awhile. Let's see...

The stage managing gig is going along swimmingly. I had to call all the people who auditioned to let them know if they were in or not, and discovering that, although I have decent phone skills, they could still use some improvement. Meh.

The show on Friday (that caused the whole hubbub at work mentioned in the last entry) was awesome - I talked to George (the manager who actually does his job well AND treats his employees well, what a concept), and we worked shtuff out without a problem. Yay for George!

Spanish midterm (the only exam I have) came and went Monday night - lots of b.s., but that's to be expected on an essay exam. I think I passed, and I'm fine with whatever that means in the range of passing. Now all I have left is the paper for Musical Theatre (the Princess Bride, the Musical!), which I want to get finished today or tomorrow so I can work on some plots for Matt's birthday on Friday. Mwahahaha. :)

The Vagina Monologues perform tonight and tomorrow - the first time on stage at Reed since last year. Really not concerned, since it's more of a staged reading than anything else. It'll be fun.

Woke up yesterday feeling less than happy - the Reed bug is finally making its rounds this way. Last night I essentially lost my voice - that was scary. It's the reason why I'm skipping class today (all one class) - I want to make sure I can actually talk tonight onstage. And so I can work on the paper, of course.

That's about it. For the moment, I'm here, counting down the days to Spring Break. Mmmm...break...

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