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Man, I'm getting bad about updating in where to begin?

Truth of the matter is, I've got a ton on my plate, but nothing really new and exciting. Rehearsals are kicking in for the play I'm stage managing, so the next six weeks are going to be a trifle stressful. Add to that two qualifying exams (one in theatre, about which I'm not too worried, one in English Lit (Shakespeare in particular), which ignores the fact that my major is actually in Spanish Lit, about which I know next to nothing), final papers, final exam (grr), and final scenes, and, yeah, there's one busy Stephie.

I'm worried about one of my friends. I know he'll most likely be taking a medical leave for depression for the rest of the semester, but what's bothering me is the fact that I didn't know something was wrong because I just haven't been around. I feel like I've been some sort of deadbeat friend to a lot of people, actually. I was worried about them not caring about me once I got back - I never considered me being the one doing the ditching, unintentional though it may be.

I don't have time for a personal breakdown right now. I expect I will die sometime between now and Renn Fayre, and will spend Renn Fayre being ressurected. Woo-ha.

And I'm so tired right now, that for the life of me I can't remember if I actually brushed my teeth or not. Yay.
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