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I live! Well, kinda

Con was much with the goodness, if I did get awfully peopled out fairly early into the weekend. I enjoyed the masquerade ever so much (I got to be a mime exterminator! Hee!), and I got a couple of hair pretties and to hang out with many neat people. This year's stitch 'n' bitch was bigger than last year's, and everyone seemed a bit more friendly. There were hotel issues, of course, but overall it was good.

Now, however, it's the recuperation period. Lack of sleep is a Headache of Doom trigger, which means I've been fighting them since Saturday. In theory, my department is supposed to be moving desks this week. They thought we'd be moving last week, while I was gone, so my stuff is all packed up. It means that I don't feel comfortable at my desk, because nothing's where it should be. Between that and having nire stay with us until Thursday (which is awesome, since I adore her, but it throws off my rhythm at home), and I'm just feeling...off. It's an almost itchy feeling. (Of course, having Eric covered in itchies due to the down pillows and comforter at the hotel doesn't help, either - poor guy.)

I'm thinking about doing ScriptFrenzy this year, and adapting my attempt at NaNo to a script. We'll see.

Now, to work. I can make it. It's all good.


Mar. 26th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
I know what you mean about "Peopled out". There comes a time when I just want to get away from everyone who's not a close friend and be QUIET for a while. Norwescon brings that out in me quite frequently.

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