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Two years today

About this time two years ago, I think we were finishing up the pictures, and wondering if Guy was ok (as his truck had broken down on the way to the wedding) and if Eric's aunt and uncle would find the place all right (they did, just a bit late - we held everything for them, of course). I was going to get yelled at by my cousin's wife for being seen by the guests before the wedding (the horror!) and shoved out of the room to hide in the hallway with my bridesmaids. My sister-in-law was going to be a complete pill (as she had been all that week), and Eric's nephew was going to start crying just as I walked in the door.

Honestly? It took looking back through my journal to remember most of that. When I think of our wedding, I remember the flowers Susie arranged, the centerpieces Eric's parents made, the cake Selena and her mom made, the ZOMGSOGOOD food Guy made (with Angela's boyfriend Matt's help on-site), the beautiful ceremony Gwen helped us write, the wedding dress Natalina made for me (after cursing the designer of the pattern multiple times), the people who stood up with us, read for us, sang for us, played music for us, toasted us, and just generally had a good time with us. I remember realizing that we had the best idea EVAR to have the head table at the end of the food line, the chants of "Cake! Caaaaaaake!" when Stultz got up to toast us, and the cheers when everyone found out Eric managed to miss my feet during our first dance. I remember the My Little Pony massacre, and a drunken Elmo. I remember friends swapping out the brain-teasers on the tables so they could solve them all, and Eric's family working on a fairly sizable puzzle. I remember trying to make my mother laugh on the way down the aisle, so she wouldn't cry. (It didn't work, but my brother and I gave it a noble effort.) I remember Stultz making the best catch of his career, and managing NOT to light the place on fire.

Most of all, I remember seeing Eric at the end of the aisle, and realizing that I had made the right choice. I never felt nervous, or second-guessed myself. Two years later, I feel the same way.

Happy Anniversary, Handsome.
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