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So, last week I eneded up nearly falling asleep at work a couple of times. i decided that, since the work I was doing was fairly mindless, I could get away with drinking a cup of black tea (actually, vanilla chai...SO GOOD) because it would wake me up (hello, no caffeine tolerance!) and, even if it did trigger a Headache of Doom, I would be able to brute-force my way through the day. Strangely, while I twinged a bit, there was no HoD. Maybe it wasn't caffeine that triggered them? Hrm...

Since we had nothing to do today, I decided to experiment a bit. I had some of Eric's Coke with dinner. A few hours later...HoD. Dammit. No soda for me. It's not a huge, debilitating one, but it still sucks. Also, did I mention the "no caffeine tolerance" thing? Yeah. I'm still awake. Admittedly, this is in part because I napped for a good chunk of this afternoon, but I can tell a lot of this is that "my brain's wanting to sleep, my body just doesn't realize it yet" type of awake that I'd get from caffeine.
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