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So, as many of you know, Eric's grandfather passed away on Sunday. He was pretty sick before he got the news, to the point of dry-heaving. He still wasn't doing great on Monday, so I stayed home with him to make sure he was ok (and to make sure he ate). My boss was cool with it, especially since I'd warned her before that this could be the case.

I came in Tuesday and got trained on objections again - did I mention that? Objections is the team I worked on before I moved to my current team. Objections falls under the same umbrella as portfolio management (where I am now), and has had a few changes since I left. J is no longer the supervisor, T is - T is many shades of awesome, and also a LOT more rigid than J could ever dream of being. L took over my position, and S remained (she with whom I had many issues and was at least a dozen of the reasons why I changed departments). Well, S had major problems with T (most likely because of the aforementioned rigidity), and T does not suffer mistakes lightly. Last week, S was presented with a "separation agreement" by A (the manager of both objections and portfolio management) and the head of HR. Basically, she was laid off. It was very sudden (she didn't even pack her things), and caught L and T off-guard. Since my department falls under the same umbrella, and I have experience, I get to help out for...awhile? We don't know for sure. It's kinda fun, to hear that I wasn't the only one who had problems with S (she apparently did the same things to L that she did to me), and to see how the department has changed under T.

Meanwhile, I had woken up on Tuesday with a sore throat and the twinges of a HoD. Since I knew I was going to be training, I made myself go in and made it through the day (somehow - I felt worse and worse over the course of the day). Eric and I got to bed at around 8:30 last night, and I woke up feeling even worse than I had Tuesday. The twinges of the HoD from Tuesday had exploded into a full-blown HoD, and I had pretty much no voice. I called in - well, emailed, really, because of that whole "no voice" thing. I've spent most of today trying to rest, even though I should be doing things like finishing laundry and clearing off the hearth (there's a chimney cleaning company coming by either tomorrow or Friday), but moving is not so much with the great right now.

So, yeah. Whine whine whine. I'm loads of fun, aren't I?
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