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Update, or, Hey, I can swallow again!

Back at work today. Not a ton to do, but at least that means I'm not horrifically behind, either.

~Head is less than happy with this turn of events, but I've managed to remain upright and reasonably coherent thus far.

~Never realized how much I talk at work until my voice started to go. Sucking down cough drops and honeyed tea like crazy (though not at the same time, because ew).

~Coughing fits on occasion, which are now, erm, productive. Again, ew.

~Appetite is still next to non-existant. It took me about 45 minutes to eat a small chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting (it's a co-worker's birthday today). Chocolate! Godiva chocolate, even! And I seriously contemplated not finishing it! The end is nigh.

~Eyes (did I mention the eyes? That I discovered Friday night that this virus decided it wasn't enough to stuff my sinuses and attack my throat, but that it needed to give me pinkeye, too? Good times) aren't itchy, thank heavens, and only the right eye has any serious red in it anymore. Eye drops for the next couple of days, and obsessive amounts of hand washing, and that part should be done. Yay!

I get to go BACK to the doctor's tomorrow afternoon (though for my annual exam, joy, rather than anything illness-related), and then I'm FINALLY back on a normal schedule.

Meanwhile, today I work an hour late to make up for the hour early I need to leave tomorrow, and I'll probably check out the Barnes & Noble up here (also known as "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! Danger!") for NCIS seasons 3 and 4. Hey, I'm just doing what the president said to do with that stimulus check. That, and Eric and I are hopelessly addicted to the show. We're almost halfway through season 2 already, and we just picked that up...Saturday? Yeah. Much love.

My apologies if this makes no sense - typing is taking far more effort today than usual.



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May. 14th, 2008 05:00 pm (UTC)
If you are noncontagious someday soon you should come over and watch movies with us or something. I miss you guys!!
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